Low cost business telephone services

Low cost business telephone services using voice over IP

(in laymans terms, it basically means a phone line over the internet) All our low cost business telephone services are centred around VOIP. The benefits to you are immense.

Troy Linton of TourDri“The cloud phone system supplied by Office Convergence has transformed my business.I answer my extension via the app they installed on my iPhone wherever I am in the world. My staff in my main office love the functionality especially when they can call the reps in the US and China simply by dialling their extension number! As for the call costs, what call costs ? No more do I dread the phone bill, it’s just of no consequence anymore! I just love it.”

Troy Linton, TourDri.com, Norfolk

The main benefits to you :-


  • A standard telephone number that anyone can call you at standard BT rates
  • Drastically reduced call charges and NO call setup fees –
  • No more expensive line rental & installation costs AND say goodbye to lengthy contracts
  • Use a desk phone, Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows), headset connected to either a PC, netbook, laptop or tablet
  • Don’t pay for lines you’re not using – get more than one call on one line
  • Flexibility – answer your DDI/extension anywhere there is an internet connection – be it in your office, in your car or sipping a cocktail on a beach
  • And what about this – You can have a number from most countries in the World yet you can still be in your study in Margate (other seaside towns are available….)


Office Convergence Hosted Solutions – you run your business and we’ll take care of your telephone system

Single User Hosted VOIP

From just £5 per month

OC Voip Single User – ideal for sole traders, start-ups or home workers

  • Free telephone number included
  • Voicemail to email and Fax to email
  • Web panel to see your call history
  • Hosted telephony means your phone will always be within reach.


Office Convergence Hosted VOIP

From just £20 per month

OC Voip Hosted – fully managed business telephone system

  • Fully managed service with Call recording
  • Voicemail to email and Fax to email
  • Free telephone numbers included




Office Convergence Hybrid Solutions – give your telephone system the power of the internet !


Using VOIP in your office

Don’t put up with expensive call charges ever again. Give your phone system the power of the internet and ALWAYS make the cheapest call you can !

  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Keep your existing providers
  • Keep your existing call packages*
  • But DON’T keep your existing high phone bill
* by retro-fitting VOIP into your phone system you can often find that your existing call package actually costs more than the actual cost of the calls you make. OC can advise if it is false economy.
Drop us an email now – click here to for a free cost analysis , simply attach your latest itemised office phone bill and we’ll let you know how much you will save, it may even be the case that you are renting too many lines for your actual usage as well.
Office Convergence Home Office VOIP Solutions – you enjoy cheap telephone calls from home – always


Office Convergence are fully equipped to install and maintain the Obihai range of VOIP call routers. These intelligent little devices enable you to make cheap and even free national and international calls over the internet.Check out this short little video :-

Getting unwanted calls ? With the Obi VOIP adapter they can be spirited away for free to a VOIP “blackhole” never to ring your phone again. Get your own back on the PPI spammers and those nuisance call centres.

Office Convergence Supply & Install Obihai Call Routers






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